Advanced Communication - Transform Speech into Text in Real Time!

Support the participation of those with hearing disabilities

Sometimes you may see people communicating in sign language in everyday life. According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, there are approximately 290,000 people with hearing disabilities in Japan. Approximately 50,000 of them work for companies or businesses with five or more employees.

One of the problems that people with hearing challenges have is communicating in the workplace. Research conducted by a research center revealed that it can be difficult to keep up with the speed of conversations in the work place or multiple conversations occurring at once.

In addition to sign language, there are other means that the hearing impaired use to communicate, including writing and kusho (Note 1), in which people drawing letters in the air with their hands. However, as there are not many people able to communicate in sign language and writing or kusho takes time, it is difficult to use these techniques in meetings creating significant obstacles for people with hearing disabilities.

Fujitsu has developed FUJITSU Software LiveTalk, a communications tool enabling people with hearing disabilities to participate in meetings.

(Note 1) Kusho may be pronounced as soragaki or karagaki.

Converts all forms of speech into text in real time

Real-time display of speech with wireless LAN communication

FUJITSU Software LiveTalk is a tool that automatically converts speech from handheld and headset mics into text and displays it as text information on computer screens. With this tool, what's spoken is converted into text in real time, making it possible even for everybody to accurately recognize the flow of a conversation and communicate through text, regardless of their level of hearing.

Even if multiple people speak at once, the text is transmitted in real time to all computers connected to a given wireless LAN router environment, making the tool suitable for use in meetings with many participants and other occasions.

LiveTalk app screen image

In addition, LiveTalk has an attractive feature that leverages easy to understand emoticon stamps and preregistered, frequently used phrases so anyone can comment quickly. Furthermore as this software can also be used on tablets, users can communicate without stress.

Workplace and educational opportunities for people with hearing disabilities

FUJITSU Software LiveTalk creates opportunities for everyone to connect seamlessly in communication regardless of their level of hearing, in both the workplace and educational environments. The software helps users intuitively identify who is speaking and what is being said thereby increasing the clarity of a discussion.

This system has a wider range of applications, such as a supporting tool for preparing meeting minutes or making records.

Speech is a fundamental part of daily communication, from discussing everyday topics to the necessity to converse on highly specialized content and emergency conditions. This is an example of how Fujitsu aims to leverage the power of ICT to create innovation that drives a safe and prosperous future for society.