Creating a Safer Society for People and Pets through Collaboration between Animal Hospitals, Local Governments, and Pet Owners

As pets are considered family, owners often worry about illness and injury

With the peak of summer just around the corner, we frequently see people walking with their pets on sunny days. According to a Cabinet Office survey, 30% of households are pet owners. Many people are comforted by their pets, who they consider part of their family and one of the great joys of their lives.

Naturally, those who love their pets are concerned about their pets’ health. In particular, people who go to work or run errands during the day are likely to constantly be worried about intense heat during this season, wondering if their beloved pets are suffering from heat stroke or another ailment.

Using ICT Fujitsu can help relieve the concern of pet owners, offering support via a service that monitors the pet’s health even while the owner is away, as well as other services that enable people and their pets to live peacefully and with a sense of security.

Receive emergency treatment for your pet without hassle

Fujitsu provides the Pet Care Cloud service, which is an initiative to further enhance health management for pets, prevention of infectious diseases, and treatment of illnesses by sharing various pieces of information on pets through collaboration among animal hospitals, pet service businesses, local governments, research institutions, and other pet-related organizations.

When a pet suddenly becomes ill, they may receive treatment at an animal hospital other than the regular animal hospital they visit. Even in such a case, if the regular animal hospital and the emergency hospital collaborate through a cloud service, sharing information on the pet’s normal health condition, the owner ensure appropriate treatment can be administrated without hassle.
Fujitsu is currently engaged in an initiative to make this type of situation a reality.

Going forward, Fujitsu also plans on providing a service to inform owners of their pet’s condition by e-mail or other measures. In the situation that owners are required to entrust the care of their pet to others while they travel, they remain updated with information by linking the pet service business and pet owners through the cloud.

Visualizing the health of pets to realize a society where people and their pets live peacefully and with a sense of security

In fact, we have already put some of these initiatives into practical use. Fujitsu and Anicom Holdings, Inc., a company offering management systems for animal hospitals, are using the Pet Care Cloud to jointly offer the Anicom Receptor F Series cloud-based animal health care support service to animal hospitals nationwide. Fujitsu has also developed the “Wandant” dog pedometer, which is attached to the dog's collar and supports daily health management. With Wandant, pet owners can understand their dogs’ activities, thereby facilitating management of the dogs’ health. In the future, Fujitsu will build a service to issue emergency alerts if something is wrong with the pet, allowing owners to provide safety for the pet even when they are away from home, as well as other specialized pet care services.

Fujitsu strives to realize a society in which people can provide a high level of care for the pets they live with by easily visualizing their health through the use of ICT.