Must-See Exhibition: Big Data Use

These days, Big Data is an inescapable topic of conversation in modern business and during Fujitsu Forum Tokyo 2014 many visitors expressed their interest. At the Big Data Utilization exhibition, Fujitsu demonstrated a number of examples of how big data can be applied to social infrastructure and in manufacturing, including a live study of a sales solution implemented by a beverage manufacturer.

Increasing use of Big Data in social infrastructure and manufacturing

Fujitsu Forum Tokyo 2014 is Fujitsu’s largest annual event and was held on May 15 and 16, 2014, at Tokyo International Forum in the city’s Yurakucho district.

Another case study which attracted a lot of attention, focusing specifically on the use of big data in social infrastructure, was a system to ensure a clean water supply. A water treatment plant gathers and analyzes various types of data, such as motor vibrations, the sound of water flowing through pipes, and water quality. It does this to look for indications of failure and to find measures to control water quality for its clean water system. Indications of failure are difficult to spot by merely visually inspecting the facilities alone, however with the use of big data they can be found, enabling preventative maintenance to be enhanced. Also water quality changes are affected by a variety of factors, including the weather and ambient temperature. These factors are digitized, collected, and analyzed to be used when predicting changes in water quality. This allows the treatment plant operator to use chemical agents to improve and maintain water quality at the optimal time, creating a supply of safe drinking water that is constantly available.

In addition to being used at water treatment plants, the application of big data to forecast breakdowns in industrial machinery or production lines also attracted significant interest at the exhibition. Various pieces of data, such as sound and vibrations from the machinery, and by monitoring images of its operating status, are collected and analyzed, to detect problems in a production line before a failure occurs.

Virtually experience everything from demand forecasting to sales activities

Using a beverage manufacturer as a model, Fujitsu introduced a case study that detailed our demand forecast simulation.

Retail stores have a system for gathering information on sales and changes in inventory for a specific item. However, the technology in this exhibition allowed users to identify other factors which might affect sales, such as weather, events near the store, comments on social media and customer characteristics. Based on the analysis, we were able to develop a sales strategy. Through interactive graphs accessed by the participants on their computers, they were able to experience the full chain of events involved with the live simulation.

Real-time management using big data was also introduced. In the case study on a factory, the key features were the automatic control capability which detected danger based on prediction and forecast, as well as the minimization of energy costs.

Based on approximately 200 big data case studies gathered since June 2013, Fujitsu has compiled ten core offerings which aim to provide customers with the best support for big data use, ensuring customer using big data can achieve their objectives.

Big data has been gathering momentum in various industries. Visitors to the exhibition were impressed and quickly identified the value the effective use of big data could derive. With the ability to foresee the next move through big data analysis – failure predictions, accurate sales forecasts – it opens a world of opportunity for the future.