Must-See Exhibition: Icube Mobile

3D data appears right before your eyes! Icube Mobile facilitates realistic design reviews

Fujitsu Forum Tokyo is Fujitsu’s largest annual event and was held on May 15-16, 2014, at the Tokyo International Forum in the city's Yurakucho district. In the exhibition hall, visitors were welcomed to a total of 72 demonstrations divided into three zones: Social Innovation, Business Innovation, and ICT for Innovation.

Among these demonstrations was a four-sided virtual reality (VR) solution, EON Icube Mobile (Icube Mobile).
This solution displays data three dimensionally onto three walls and the floor to generate 3D images right before the user’s eyes.

Design review is a process in manufacturing in which the people involved—from the planning, development, design, manufacturing, quality control, and purchasing divisions—come together at key points during the development phase to verify results. Utilizing VR technology, Fujitsu is researching technologies to support these design reviews, essential in the product development process.

Usually, a prototype is created for carrying out a design review, but doing so is costly and time-consuming. Also, prototypes are not generally used for larger products, such as aircraft engines, because creating life-sized models and detailed models of interior components is not practical. Therefore, there are limitations on what can be verified using a prototype. Icube Mobile provides a single solution to all these challenges.

A 3D product design that can be disassembled to examine individual parts

With Icube Mobile, users are able to examine an object three dimensionally from various angles—in accordance with where they are standing—as tracked by a sensor that is equipped in 3D glasses the user wears. This allows them to evaluate the size and usability of an actual product and check areas where specific parts are being used, by disassembling the object. With Icube Mobile, even people who are not product designers can understand what the finished product will realistically look like in the design phase.
Conventional 3D imaging devices are usually integrated into buildings, such as those in movie theaters, but another major advantage of Icube Mobile is its portability. You can view 3D images anywhere there is space to set up the solution.
Since few businesses in Japan besides Fujitsu have adopted Icube Mobile, we have already received inquiries from many companies, including an aircraft manufacturer, a construction business, and a kitchen and building product manufacturer.

Walk around or look into the designs; ever-growing possibilities with cutting-edge VR technology

Visitors to the exhibition booth were able to experience Icube Mobile for themselves as we provided access to an interactive aircraft engine design and a printer design. Moreover, Fujitsu also displayed a dolphin swimming in an aquarium to show how it was possible to apply the solution in the entertainment industry.

Visitors wearing 3D glasses could watch the realistic objects floating in the air from behind and below, providing an exciting cutting-edge VR technology experience.
During this time, we received many questions, such as "What are some of the other applications Icube Mobile has?"

Expertise gained from using Icube Mobile within Fujitsu

The design data from the printer used in the demonstration was real Fujitsu data. With Icube Mobile, we were able to verify actual machine use, such as the size of the area where the user places their hand when performing maintenance or changing printer cartridges.
Mari Omura, Senior Consultant of the Monozukuri Innovation Business Promotion Division at the Fujitsu Monozukuri Business Center, stated with great enthusiasm: "My aim is to popularize the use of Icube Mobile through Fujitsu's existing internal expertise. Specifically, we are approaching vehicle and offshore manufacturers; having many conversations with them regarding the solution’s potential in business."

Fujitsu is exploring new ways to use Icube Mobile and proposing solutions to customers across various fields of business and society.