User-friendly PCs Designed for Older Users

Rapidly increasing number of older Internet and PC users

The Internet is indispensable in daily life. In 2012, according to a Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications survey, Japan had about 96 million Internet users. Internet penetration is around 80%, indicating that today most people use the Internet on a daily basis. Particularly significant is Internet use by those aged 60 and older; about 72% of those aged 60 to 64 use the Internet, and among those aged 65 to 69 the proportion was about 63%. Today, PCs are familiar to almost everyone and even those aged 60 and older have high ICT literacy and can communicate with friends and family through social networks including the use of digital cameras. The stereotyped view that older generations struggle with new technology, no longer holds true.

New concept PCs designed for older generations offering attention to detail and ease of use

Fujitsu has recognized the importance of designing PCs especially for older generations of users who have become more familiar with technology. With older users wanting to use PCs and the Internet more skillfully, aspects of design require greater attention to provide simple yet refined functions that match their needs. At the same time, issues such as difficulty in seeing the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens, keyboards that are difficult to type with, and buttons that are difficult to push, have arisen.

GRANNOTE, is a PC designed to meets the needs of those who want to use PCs comfortably. In addition to the simple design, this model is based on Fujitsu’s long-standing “user focused” approach and brings together human centric technology developed by Fujitsu to provide ease of use.

GRANNOTE is easy to use, transforming and enhancing support for users

GRANNOTE has functions to adjust the color tone of the liquid crystals according to the user’s age so that all users can see the display easily. The keyboard is designed to facilitate ease of use by allowing users to change keyboard input pressure by setting the three levels of force required for the keys to be pushed. These are just examples of the detailed customization possible with GRANNOTE ensuring a user-friendly PC experience which supports users of all ages.

Furthermore, the model offers older users carefully selected, privileged Web services such as those for shopping and travel, thus supporting more convenient and enjoyable PC use in their lives.

In the development of GRANNOTE, Fujitsu paid particular attention to ease of use and refined designs to create an environment where older users can actively and easily make the most of the Internet. In the future all types of users will be able to use PCs more comfortably, transforming and enriching their lives.