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Building Smart Cities that Enrich the Lives of People and Society

Consideration of environmental issues aligned to economic development

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries depend heavily on natural resources. While promoting industrial diversification and industrialization, GCC countries face major challenges, such as a water resource issue unique to the Middle East and environmental issues associated with economic development.

In order to achieve sustainable growth in the future, air, water, and energy issues are of particular importance; implementation of various policies and measures to resolve these issues has already begun.

Issues facing Saudi Arabia

Introducing ICT is the first step toward improvement

Fujitsu has built a management system that monitors air and water quality based on actual measurement data. We have implemented this system in three major industrial complexes of Saudi Arabia (Dunman 2, Riyadh 1, and Jeddah 1) to safeguard the working environment and health of 275,000 workers in 1,900 factories.

Environmental data collected and analyzed by environment monitoring systems is used to judge the achievement status of environmental criteria and whether to implement environment policies for improvement. Moreover, when air or water pollution occurs, quick responses can be taken. As seen above, ICT is used to realize a society that balances economic development and preservation of the natural environment.

Urban development that supports people and the environment

Diverse social infrastructures giving form to our city.

Introducing ICT to these social infrastructures will help resolve issues people face in their lives and provide the first step toward building a sustainable society.


Energy conservation

District heating and cooling system

This system uses a central monitoring system to provide heating and cooling to a wide area from a centralized location to realize efficient energy use. It conserves energy and contributes to environmental preservation.

HEMS & smart grid

Sensors acquire data on power usage and residents' behavioral patterns, allowing the system to implement energy conservation suitable for individual households.

Development of a secure city

Traffic operation management system

Use of traffic and environment monitoring and location information enables efficient traffic control, evacuation guidance in the event of natural disasters, and construction of safer transportation infrastructure.

Information security

Safe and secure living conditions are realized through technologies such as those for identification of individuals by biometric authentication and security measures for protecting confidential information from cyber attacks.

To shape a future in which communities shine brightly

Nations and regions face many social issues. Different groups have different issues that require different solutions. Use of ICT will guide us toward solutions to the issues unique to each region. ICT will energize communities and help to create Smart Cities, where local residents and businesses take center stage.

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