Sustainable City Development Working Together with Kawasaki City

Kawasaki City and Fujitsu have signed a framework agreement on using ICT to build a prosperous city and fostering the next generation of global human resources. By combining Kawasaki City’s local resources and personnel with Fujitsu’s expertise in ICT and various know-how, both parties will promote sustainable activities that contribute to the local community. Under the theme of “Urban Development Using ICT,” a new joint effort by Kawasaki City and Fujitsu has been launched.

Major initiatives Between Kawasaki City and Fujitsu

On February 19, 2014, Kanagawa Prefecture’s Kawasaki City and Fujitsu Limited entered into a framework agreement with the aim of achieving sustainable urban development through collaboration and cooperation in enhancing the ICT environment, carrying out next generation development, and other goals. This is Fujitsu’s first comprehensive initiative with a local government. Together with Kawasaki City, Fujitsu will work to use ICT to develop a more prosperous society.

The framework agreement includes the following five major initiatives.

•Urban development using ICT

•Development of diverse personnel for the next generation

•Creation of a vibrant community

•Environmentally friendly urban development

•Promotion of international contributions and industrial development using cutting-edge technologies

Previously, Kawasaki City and Fujitsu jointly promoted the “Kawasaki Model,” a cooperative initiative among businesses on intellectual property and green zone preservation, in addition to other concerted efforts. Moreover, Fujitsu cooperated with Kawasaki City in an environment management system project at an industrial complex in Saudi Arabia, provided field trip opportunities to students at the Kawasaki City School for Handicapped Children, held special classes for students in Kawasaki City to meet and get to know locals, as well as other efforts. Under the framework agreement, Fujitsu will further undertake sustainable urban development by utilizing Kawasaki City’s local resources and personnel as well as Fujitsu’s expertise in ICT and other know-how.

Urban development using ICT and development of human resources

For example, in the “Urban development using ICT” initiative, Fujitsu will conduct surveys and research on initiatives using big data related to changes in the socioeconomic environment faced by Kawasaki City and trends in people in the community. Other initiatives will also be undertaken using open data to make improve the lives of people and promote corporate activities. At Kawasaki Junior High School attached to Kawasaki High School, which will open in April 2014, Fujitsu will promote initiatives to improve ICT literacy, such as giving lectures that make use of Fujitsu’s ICT-related know-how and preparation of a room that brings together advanced technologies.

In the meantime, under the “Development of diverse personnel for the next generation” initiative, to aggressively promote the development of people interested in science, Fujitsu will hold symposia and lectures on career design for students majoring in science. These lectures will target high school and university students living in the city. We will also commit to a wide range of human resources development initiatives, including classroom lectures on information security and cutting-edge science technologies. These will be targeting elementary and junior high school students who live in the city, offering of workplace experiences at Fujitsu, and providing sport lessons at elementary and junior high schools.

Promoting the development of local industry through support for ICT entrepreneurs

As part of the “Promotion of international contributions and industrial development using cutting-edge technologies” initiative, we will support entrepreneurs in ICT-related fields. For entrepreneurs with ICT-related business plans who become finalists at an entrepreneur competition hosted by Kawasaki City and the Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki, Fujitsu will present a cloud development environment as the Fujitsu award. Fujitsu will also support entrepreneurs in launching their business quickly.

Through these initiatives, Fujitsu will continue to promote the development of a prosperous, sustainable Kawasaki City, helping people live more fulfilling lives.