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Computing Power to Pioneer New Knowledge

Overcoming Limitations to Make the Impossible, Possible

Today, the power of supercomputers is indispensable for society to overcome time and cost barriers in new drug and vehicle development.

Extreme Computing Power Accelerates Research Progress

The overwhelming extreme power of Supercomputers has accelerated research and development activities, producing amazing results.

Breakthroughs Achieved by Computing Power

In building a prosperous future for society in which people feel safe and secure, computing power is used to make ground breaking developments that help solve problems facing people and society.

Supercomputers Driving a Prosperous Future for People and Society

Numerous new pieces of knowledge obtained by supercomputers will serve as a driving force in further advancing research activities.


Enhance efficiency of manufacturing processes in areas such as automobile development

Historically, vehicle safety experiments have required a great deal of time and money. However using supercomputer simulation technology to repeatedly perform these experiments quickly, will make manufacturing processes, such as automobile development, more efficient.

Accelerating development of high-performance batteries to support environmental sustainability

The power of supercomputers is used to provide value to society through research and development. One such R&D activity is the development of safe, inexpensive batteries. We will use the power of computers to accelerate the development of new energy sources, in turn leading to restoration of the environment.

Contributing to Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Having supercomputers fulfill the role of analyzing the mechanisms of an earthquake or tsunami in detail as well as providing large-scale simulation of the impact when a disaster occurs including evacuation procedures minimizes damage and enhances proactive measures.

Accelerating New Drug Development to Benefit the Lives of Everyone

If we can use supercomputers to reproduce atomic and molecular elements, which are invisible to the naked eye, the development of new drugs can be accelerated dramatically. This has the potential to bring significant benefits to the lives of people through developments such as new anticancer drugs.

Solving the Mystery of the Universe Serves as a Foundation for Future Science

Supercomputers also play an important role in solving the great mystery of the origin of the universe. The fundamentals of nature revealed through research on the origin of matter and the universe are intellectual property shared by the entire human race that will serve as a foundation for future science.

Supercomputers Offer New Hope to People

Fujitsu will continue to challenge ourselves to develop new revolutionary practices in business and society. This will include further acceleration of research and development as well as strengthening industrial competitiveness, via the ever evolving power of computers.

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