LOD Provides Better Grouped, Faster and More Convenient Information Searches

We often use search engines to find information on the Internet, but no matter how beneficial the information is, we will not be able to locate it if it is not listed in the search results. For this reason, technologies are being developed to discover information by continually traversing data around the world. These technologies will enable required information to be found quickly and systematically by linking related data items, thereby allowing them to be used to find each other.

Fujitsu developed platform technology that enables searched using a Linked Open Data format

When searching for information on the Internet, many people enter keywords describing the information into a search engine, access relevant websites, and confirm the websites’ content. However, with this technique, no matter how beneficial the information is, information not hit upon by the search engine will be buried in the depths of the Internet. On the Internet, it is actually quite difficult to find the information you truly need quickly and accurately.

Today we see the development of technologies that enable users to discover information instantly by traversing the entire Internet as if it were a single gigantic database. These technologies are created using the data format “Linked Open Data” and compatible search technologies. At present, in public offices, public archives, libraries, and research institutes, massive amounts of data is held in diverse formats, including CSV, XML, RDF, and RDBMS. If all these data items are converted to a linked data format, the data will be able to be found and used more easily based on relations among the data of each item. Specifically, without searching individual websites, users will be able to identify the information they require quickly by traversing across data in a linked data format.

To this end, Japan and other countries around the world are rushing to convert various pieces of information into linked data format and to organize it into groups of data, Linked Open Data (LOD), as well as to develop a platform for using LOD. Fujitsu Laboratories is contributing to this global initiative by providing LOD platform technology.

Building a platform that enables use of massive LOD collected from institutions around the world without cost

The LOD platform developed by Fujitsu Laboratories allows users to combine and analyze tens-of-billions of LOD data items that have been collected from institutions around the world (such as statistics prepared by national and local governments, corporate financial information, stock prices, and news articles). The platform has a function that performs bulk searches for information using a high-speed search algorithm that is five to ten times faster than the previous algorithm as well as another function for visualizing the relationships among collected information.

With this LOD platform, data is obtained and used instantly without searching by individual websites. In addition, this platform facilitates development of new applications by allowing diverse data to be freely combined. At Fujitsu Laboratories, a corporate analysis application has already been developed. This application provides users the capability to analyze corporate performance instantly from a variety of perspectives by combining basic corporate information already disclosed as LOD such as industry and number of employees, financial information and stock price information. Fujitsu Laboratories plans to release this LOD platform during 2013 free of charge, and expect the platform will further enable researchers and developers around the globe to use massive LOD as well as promote the development of new Internet applications.