Construction of Key Infrastructure to Support the Realization of E-mobility in Society

Technological development of electric cars and scooters is advancing, and realization of E-mobility in society seems to be just around the corner. However, lack of supporting infrastructure looms as a major obstacle to widespread use of electric vehicles. To solve this problem, Fujitsu has embarked on the construction of a new infrastructure system for electric vehicles. Efforts to improve convenience include installation of charging stations in various locations and addition of the capability to look up the location of charging stations and the amount of battery charge remaining via smartphones.

Using a smartphone to quickly check the location of charging stations and battery levels

Use of ICT in the fields of environment and energy opens up a number of possibilities. For example, electric vehicles (EVs) and electric scooters are environmentally friendly, but their widespread use is hindered by a lack of supporting infrastructure, including the availability of charging stations. RESC, Ltd., develops batteries for electric scooters and charging stations and is now working with Fujitsu to build an infrastructure system for fleets of EVs.

To promote the use of electric scooters, charging stations and replacement batteries will be set up in a variety of locations. By managing data with the Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL, a cloud service that uses location data gathered from sensors and vehicles, those operating fleets of electric scooter will be able to quickly locate charging stations and replacement batteries. In addition, administrators will be able to check battery deterioration.

Construction and commercialization of battery charging infrastructure

This system enables fleet operators of electric scooters to check their remaining battery levels and the distance each can travel on the existing charge using a Fujitsu-developed smartphone app. Moreover, administrators can understand the battery deterioration and direct scooter riders toward new batteries if needed. Fujitsu would like to improve convenience for these fleet operators and accelerate adoption of electric scooters by making the charging locations and the travel distances easy to check.

Fujitsu and RESC are planning to offer delivery companies a packaged solution including electric scooters and a management system by 2015, after which will become available for general use by 2020. Fujitsu contributes to the realization of E-mobility in society with EVs, which do not emit carbon dioxide.