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A Society Connecting Everyone-- What Is People-First Information Usage Like?

Medical Care Risks Caused by Segmented Information

Your physical condition may change regardless of your location. Examining previously identified chronic health problems from the beginning again at a hospital you are visiting for the first time may lead to delays in diagnosis and treatment.

If information is not shared among hospitals...

Sharing a Patient's Records via a Wide-area Medical Network

If medical records are shared among multiple medical institutions, we can remove duplication in diagnosis or examination, providing a more optimal path to treatment.
Linking information has the potential to generate a wide range of advantages.

If information is shared among hospitals...

A Borderless World Connected by Information

The key to a world where everyone can be connected with far fewer restrictions, overcoming geographical and physical distances, is sophisticated utilization of information that begins with people.


New Medical Care
Beyond the Conventional Hospital

By connecting multiple hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, and other facilities via a network, all facilities can be used as a single "virtual hospital". In the virtual hospital, regional differences are overcome to allow everybody to receive optimal medical care.

Business Opportunities

Linking trends in usage data, for example, of food and industrial products, which are conventionally considered unrelated, generates completely new business possibilities for meeting individual needs.

Structures to Protect People within Society

Fujitsu has built a system to prevent all kinds of potential hazards in our lives by sharing information on children in collaboration with daycare nurses, teachers, and schools. By enabling the entire social system to watch over children and the elderly, we can rSharealize a safer society for everybody.

Future Work Styles
Realized by Data Sharing

If people far away from each other can share details of work more accurately, they no longer need be limited by the locations of their workplaces. A world where you can work globally from anywhere....
It's right here.

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