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Know the Future to Prepare Today

Changes in Nature and the impact on our Future

Sudden heavy rain can spoil our plans and even sometimes halt public transportation. Weather seems to be intimately connected with things we do in our lives.

The Effect of Climate Change on the Economy

Globally, the impact from climate change is said to become more prominent in the future. Changes in weather patterns will increasingly affect our lives.

Economic loss due to climate change worldwide is expected to be 2.5 times greater 20 years from now.

The economic cost to Japan due to natural disasters is predicted to continually increase.

DARA「Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2nd Edition」

Faster and more detailed information Better leveraging ICT

Forecasting weather changes will become faster and more accurate. Supercomputing technology that enables quick, complex calculations can support people in many aspects of our daily lives.

* The figure illustrates how analysis by supercomputers can assist in our lives.

Supercomputer Simulation of a Typhoon near Taiwan

Ultra-high resolution simulations can accurately capture the movements of a typhoon, thereby providing effective prevention measures to be taken prior to a large-scale disaster.

Society in the Future Enabled by Supercomputers

If ever-changing weather conditions can accurately be forecasted, we can create all kinds of possibilities for people and society in the future.


Support in Times of a Disaster

Real-time weather forecasts lead to early disaster responses.
Providing appropriate evacuation instructions can protect people, property and social infrastructure.

Forecast Weather Changes
to Drive Efficient Farm Practices

Being able to predict long-term climate change is highly advantageous in farming.
For example, being able to accurately predict droughts and heavy rains will allow farmers to prepare appropriately for them and harvest crops according to future climate conditions.

Establishing New Trade Routes

The effects of global warming are expected to be extremely extensive.
Apart from farming and disaster prevention, it is likely that great changes, such as the availability of new sea routes due to the melting of ice in the Arctic Ocean, will occur. Determining and making use of such changes are also key roles for ICT.

Renewable Energy

Supercomputers allow us to gradually reveal the mechanisms of the earth's atmosphere and oceans.
In doing so we can better utilize the power of wind, waves, and other renewable energy sources.

Enhanced Understanding of the Future for a Safer, More Prosperous Society

Being able to prepare for what lies ahead in the future creates a sense of security in our daily lives. With this knowledge and understanding we can ensure a safer and more prosperous society for everyone..

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