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FeaturedTransportation [Fujitsu at Tokyo Motor Show 2015]

The Fujitsu Group Vision for the Cars of the Future

In the interconnected age where people, cars and everything in the world is linked, the car will become almost like a natural extension of the individual.
This is how the Fujitsu Group envisages the cars of the future.
In this feature, we explore the work of the Fujitsu Group in developing mobility solutions that are accessible to all.

Fujitsu Exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Fujitsu had a joint exhibit at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show at Tokyo Big Sight. It was the first time that Fujitsu had participated in the Tokyo Motor Show.
The theme of the Fujitsu exhibit was ICT is your trusted partner on the road. The exhibit showcased a number of ICT solutions for cars developed by the Fujitsu Group.

ICT is your trusted partner on the road

The Fujitsu Group is committed to linking people, cars and communities in order to make cars a more integral and familiar part of our lives.
The car should be your trusted partner on the road, a machine designed to understand your mood and to assist you as much as possible.
Feel free to try out the latest technology that represents part of our contribution to a world of mobility solutions accessible to all.

The MC used a big-screen presentation to show how human centric ICT solutions from Fujitsu will enhance the driving experience of the future

Top three features of the combined Fujitsu and FUJITSU TEN exhibit

1Future driving simulator
Vehicle-ICT simulator

The advanced “human interface” monitors the driver’s gaze and issues an alert if the driver is not concentrating. It also uses sound to indicate the direction where the driver’s attention is required.

2Latest products and technology from the Fujitsu Group

The exhibit showcased sensing technologies such as Multi-Angle Vision™, which combines video images from multiple external cameras; millimeter-wave radar; Fujitsu Vehicle ICT FEELythm, a safety system that alerts the driver when signs of drowsiness are detected; and iris authentication. There was also an analysis solution that incorporates local information and weather reports.

  • Drive recorder

  • Millimeter-wave radar

  • Multi-angle vision

  • Information analysis solution

  • Iris authentication

  • FEELythm drowsiness alert system

3Hands-on demonstration of the new ECLIPSE 2015 touch-enabled car navigation system

Visitors got to try out the new wireless-enabled ECLIPSE 2015 car navigation system with automated map updating (to ensure constant access to the latest maps) and a handy feature for searching for parking spaces and new facilities.

Joint Fujitsu and FUJITSU TEN Exhibit at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015
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