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FeaturedMetaArc Digital Business Platform

The MetaArc digital business platform from Fujitsu
Promoting digital innovation in your workplace

Fujitsu is proud to announce MetaArc, a revolutionary new digital business platform created in conjunction with our clients that features the latest developments in ICT. MetaArc promotes digital innovation by providing a framework that transcends the nominal boundaries between companies and between industries.

MetaArc is a cloud-based digital business platform featuring cutting-edge technology for promoting digital innovation in the workplace.
A global platform for the Fujitsu Group, MetaArc is designed to transcend nominal boundaries between companies and between industries when linking talent, ideas and infrastructure as a means of generating value and helping industries to be more competitive.

Three key benefits of MetaArc

  • 1Access to cutting-edge ICT applications in areas such as cloud computing, mobile solutions, big data analysis, IoT and AI technology
  • 2Seamless integration of SoE and SoR on a single platform
  • 3Open technology to promote collaboration and innovation

The first key benefit of MetaArc is access to the very latest digital technology. As a cloud-based platform, it provides access to cutting-edge ICT mobile, big data, IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, which are the best possible for business innovation.

MetaArc also provides seamless integration of SoE and SoR on a single platform. True digital innovation requires a combination of SoE (Systems of Engagement), where technologies in the mobile, big data, IoT and AI spaces are used to bring together talent and infrastructure and stimulate innovation and creativity, and SoR (Systems of Record), the traditional means of recording and storing data within the organization. MetaArc accommodates both SoE and SoR with ease, and is testimony to the expertise and experience of Fujitsu, particularly in terms of internal testing and working with clients in a range of industries.

Finally, MetaArc uses open technology, which allows developers and service providers to get involved in collaboration and innovation processes alongside Fujitsu service engineers. A key function of MetaArc is to facilitate cross-industry collaboration and innovation in new business domains.

Access to Fujitsu internal systems
640 systems used by Fujitsu Group companies around the world migrated into the cloud
Knowledge base of technical expertise gained from the migration process, including migration tools and environment configuration

Migration of Fujitsu’s internal systems to K5

MetaArc Architecture

In accordance with client needs and system specifications, MetaArc accommodates both public and private cloud architectures as required. By providing a complete package of the latest ICT products and services and API/marketplace ecosystem, MetaArc is well positioned to adapt as the organization evolves and embraces new business opportunities.

FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 , at the heart of MetaArc

Three key benefits of New Cloud Platform “K5”

  • 1A secure and robust model designed to accommodate hybrid requirements
  • 2A PaaS service engineer knowledge base developed by the client
  • 3An internally validated service with no downtime

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