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FeaturedFujitsu Forum 2015 Tokyo

Human Centric Innovation in Action May 14 - 15 2015 10:00 ~ 18:00 Tokyo Internatinal Forum,  Yurakucho Fujitsu Association Human Centric Innovation in Action May 14 - 15 2015 10:00 ~ 18:00 Tokyo Internatinal Forum,  Yurakucho Fujitsu Association

Thank you for supporting Fujitsu Forum 2015

Fujitsu’s Largest Annual Event! - Human Centric Innovation in Action -

Fujitsu Forum is our largest annual event and will showcase the latest in cutting-edge technologies. This year’s event is held at the Tokyo International Forum where we will demonstrate how Fujitsu is contributing to the future of business and society. The event covers a broad range of areas, from advanced agriculture that supports food supplies, to next-generation supercomputers that support manufacturing with the world’s most advanced simulation technology.
This year marks Fujitsu’s 80th anniversary and we encourage you to join us at Fujitsu Forum 2015 to experience the evolution of ICT.

Event Report


Keynote and Special Presentation

Fujitsu’s Keynote presentation was held on Thursday May 14, 2015 during Fujitsu Forum Tokyo and demonstrated our vision and direction. The presentation also focused on how business environments and society will change in the future through innovation. Take a look at the full presentation available here on demand!

Special presentation supporting the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

1:00-2:00 p.m. (JST) Friday May 15, 2015

2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

This presentation outlines the vision and preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Mr. Yoshiro Mori Former Prime Minister of Japan
President of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games


Focusing on the following nine key topics for 2015—technology, business co-creation, security, cloud, work style revolution, integration, big data, medical care, society and environment—experts, thought leaders, and representatives from organizations with cutting-edge initiatives, will present on the latest trends in business and society using specific case studies. This will also include a range of presentations based on cutting-edge technologies.

Overview of Conferences

Technology Creating Possibilities for the Future
This panel discussion will focus on the future potential of artificial intelligence, robots and other innovations being introduced to society and business.
New Business Innovation Brought about by Co-creation
New value created through collaboration among a diversity of industry sectors, necessary in today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable business environment.
Fujitsu’s Approach to Mitigating and Managing Sophisticated Cyber Risks
Fujitsu’s in-house security practices, latest technologies, and human resource development, all combine to counter against the threat of cyber-attacks, a challenge faced by all companies.
Status of Fujitsu’s Digital Business Platform
Fujitsu Executives will respond to questions from leading journalists and experts on factors relating to digital platforms. These platforms can quickly respond to changes in the management environment and innovations brought about inside and outside of the organization.
Work Style Innovation – Maximizing Operational Efficiency
Case studies focusing on work style innovation brought about at many companies as the use of smart devices evolves every day. Other case studies will also feature the latest devices, particularly wearables. These will be demonstrated through the use of smart devices in manufacturing, distribution, financial, public works, and other sectors.
Next-generation System Design!
Panel based discussion considering what requirements should be met by corporate information systems and the next generation of ICT in this digital business age, giving rise to the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big data and mobile computing.
Cutting-edge Use of IoT and Big Data to Realize Innovation
We are in the age of IoT and big data, in which a wide variety of things and information are networked, increasing the amount of data and information that is available. In this panel, customer case studies were innovation is enabled through the use of IoT and big data, as well as the future of big data use, are introduced and discussed.
Realization of a Regional Care System to Support Japan’s Aging Society
Creation and current situation of a system for collaboration between home care and facility/hospital care, under the theme of creating a regional comprehensive care system which seamlessly provides housing, medical care, nursing care, preventive care, and lifestyle support.
Sustainable society Driven by Innovation
Thanks to technological evolution, we live in an age in which the only limit to innovation is one’s ideas. It is people’s wisdom and creativity that are the keys to a sustainable society. In this panel, case studies from both inside and outside Japan on solving problems from a diversity of perspectives by using the power of ICT and the future of social innovation, are introduced and discussed.


Fujitsu Forum 2015 has 81 seminars on Fujitsu’s solutions and initiatives. These respond to customer challenges and new uses of ICT in business including; big data use, work style innovation and marketing, as well as other challenges in society including; traffic and vehicles, food and agriculture, medical care, education, and energy. The seminars covers topics such as; how societies are using next-generation transportation initiatives, such as hydrogen stations; business innovation using big data analysis for the brewing of high-quality Dassai sake, and collaboration on joint verification testing with Kawasaki City using LOD.


Small interactive group programs where participants discuss relevant topics and common challenges shared by industries and across business operators. There are six workshops, including “Experiencing Teijin’s all-personnel improvement activities” and “Thinking about innovation and value co-creation,” in which customers representatives who work at the forefront of their business are invited to serve as facilitators.

Hands-on Seminars

This program allows participants to experience the actual operation of solutions to learn how simple and easy they are to operate, and to gain an understanding of its performance. Across six seminars, participants can experience file sharing and server construction in the cloud, as well as AR (augmented reality) in ways that can be handled even by user departments on site.

Open Innovation

The open innovation concept describes how new value is generated through collaboration and individuals can create ideas across organizational boundaries. In addition to a presentation on innovative business models by our guest Mr. Mark Hatch, the CEO of U.S. company TechShop, a key participant in the maker movement, there are four programs allowing participants to take part in an “Ideathon” combining both professionals and students from the “digital native” generation.


New initiatives are introduced through interactive exhibitions and demonstrations showcasing how Fujitsu uses ICT to support business and society.

Introduction to exhibitions

In the exhibition area, we will showcase studies on innovation in society and businesses, as well as how ICT supports it, under the following six themes.

Business and Social Innovation
Next-generation manufacturing as envisioned by Fujitsu is introduced using virtual and real production lines and robots. Experience our cutting-edge ICT, which supports social infrastructure in the areas of agriculture, medical care and education.
Big Data
Fujitsu is predicting the future from the vast amounts of real-time information, including social media and location information. Discover how big data is shaping the future.
Discover new possibilities generated through Fujitsu’s cloud services. For instance, we will demonstrate how an innovative system can be created using AR (augmented reality).
Fujitsu will be holding a Cyber Security Contest. See first-hand Fujitsu’s security know-how fighting back against the threat of cyberattacks.
Work Style Innovation
The exhibition stage will showcase work styles that allow employees and organizations to maximize performance, as well as case studies from a variety of fields where work style innovation has been introduced.
Cutting-Edge Technologies
Don’t miss Fujitsu’s latest smartphones featuring iris verification, and our tablets and mobile PCs featuring the latest in advanced technologies.

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Following the event, continue to browse event reports from Fujitsu Forum as well as a range of new Fujitsu initiatives, our latest technologies and case studies, featured on FUJITSU JOURNAL.

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Event Report Highlights from Fujitsu Forum 2015

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