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Fujitsu CeBIT 2017 March 20-24, 2017 Hannover Exhibition Grounds A38 in the Japan Pavilion, Hall4

Human Centric Innovation Digital Co-creation

The theme of "Human Centric Innovation - Digital Co-creation" lets you experience how Fujitsu is creating new value together with our customers and partners, using our latest digital technologies, such as AI, Robotics, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, and mobility in society and business.


Interview with Dr Joseph Reger at CeBIT 2017
Laser Eyewear Demonstration at CeBIT 2017
Live Talk Interview at CeBIT 2017
Retail Demonstration at CeBIT 2017
Interview with RoboPin at CeBIT 2017



Human-Centric AI Helps Enable Faster, Improved Clinical Decision-Making

The HIKARI system combines insights of leading psychiatrists, semantic technologies, data analytics, and AI to deliver advanced microservices, enabling analyses across multiple patient-relevant data sources. It transforms noisy raw data from disparate sources into clear and understandable knowledge for time-efficient and insightful clinical decision-making. HIKARI is part of Fujitsu's human-centric AI initiative, Zinrai.

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Domain-Specific Server for Media Processing

The domain-specific server for media processing dramatically improves server performance by configuring an accelerator that performs the necessary processing of image searches on an FPGA*. We confirmed that it could search through a database of over 10,000 images and retrieve matches of any desired portion in about one second.
* Field Programmable Gate Array

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Diversity commucation tool "LiveTalk"

The listener's device shows what you say translated into their language as you speak, and as they respond your device shows their words translated into your language. The UX is fantastic, and almost as seamless as a direct conversation.

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Connecting People and ICT with "RoboPin"

We introduce a mediator robot called "RoboPin," which has a lot of emotional expressions and creates attractive customer service front by connecting people and ICT. You can have an interesting experience by talking with RoboPin and enjoy seeing its movements and hearing its voice expressing a variety of feelings.

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Intelligent Care

Remote Monitering Station captures and analyzes live sound speech, coughs, breathing using the built in microphone via Fujitsu's proprietary sound-analysis. The temperature and humidity can also be monitored.

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Eyewear towards low vision aid

The laser eyewear has a miniature laser projector inside the frame which provides the wearer with digital image information using the retina as a screen. We are developing this technology for low vision aid, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and various applications.

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AI-based Citywide Surveillance

This citywide surveillance solution uses AI-based image analysis technology. It recognizes both vehicles and people from security camera images (e.g. in streets and parking areas) and produces visualized and optimized data in real time. It will improve efficiency and security in entire cities.

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Driver Safety

Driver Drowness Detector is a wearable sensor device that detects when drivers are drowsy based on their biorythm. The solution uses Fujitsu's proprietary algorithm. Delivering an early alert of attention loss or drowsiness to the driver and company fleet manger.

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Automatically Switching Multiple Smartphone Apps
Place-based Services Platform

This platform automatically opens the most time- and place-appropriate application among a number of smartphone applications. Each person in a sports stadium or tourist location can be offered the services best suited to them.

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Fujitsu's Challenge for Sports Innovation

Fujitsu's 3D technology will usher in a new world of Gymnastics and provide revolutionary values to judges, gymnasts and fans.

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Secure Blockchain Information Sharing

We realized secure and unmodifiable information sharing between multiple organizations using blockchain technologies. It allows circumvention of central centralized management and back-up systems. Also, data protection techniques give users control over which content is shared, enabling efficient cross-border financial transactions and more.

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Unlocking Financial Relations with Data Analytics

Fujitsu's HighStreet platform integrates deep-learning, graph network and social analysis tools to reveal non-obvious relationships in data. It combines easy, intuitive navigation between across several different data sources with automatic inconsistency detection. Developed in close collaboration with financial sector experts, it uses a flexible open architecture for data mashup and analytics from heterogenous datasets.

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Intelligent Dashoard

Identifying all factory data from energy consumption to machine operation status and visualizing them enables you to obtain an accurate view of the factory status. By giving new insights to shop floor operators, managers, and executives through the visualization, "Intelligent Dashboard" facilitates KAIZEN activities and accelerates factory wide optimization.

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  • Real Time Location Monitoring
  • Head Mounted Display - Amplify Remote Support
  • Worker Safety

Cutting edge technology

We will also introduce new advanced technologies that support Digital Co-creation with our customers and partners.


MetaArc, Fujitsu's digital business platform, offers Fujitsu system engineers' experience and expertise merged with the power of a cloud computing platform and cutting-edge ICT like advanced mobile, big data analysis, and IoT.

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The human centric AI Zinrai systemizes Fujitsu's AI-related technologies with the aim to help people and bring about a more comfortable and convenient new age.

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