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Stay in touch with Fujitsu

  • Android App on Google play
    ANDROID APP ON Google play バーコード
  • Download on the App Store
    Download on the App Store バーコード

Easy to check Fujitsu Info. In your mobile phone or tablet.

All information of Fujitsu about the technology, use case, press release and so on are available to browse using your smart phone or tablet anytime and anywhere. You can get the latest information because it is updated every day.

Don't miss interesting articles.

Bookmark can save articles you are interested in so that you can save the time to search for them.

Introduce the event information.

Introduce the detail information of events hosted by Fujitsu. You can experience the latest technologies and join the campaign.

About FUJITSU App.

"FUJITSU App" introduces a lot of efforts, technologies and use cases of FUJITSU.
The latest information of Fujitsu is available easily, anytime and anywhere with the bookmark and push function.

OS requirements: iOS 8.0 or later / Android 4.4 - 5.x

[Special experience only in the event site] fipick: An app which can pick the catalogs, PDF documents and movies at the exhibit area speedy at no fee.


Approaching the information delivery spot in each area, catalogs, movies and demonstration contents are downloadable in your smart phone quickly.

  • GooglePlay Android OS 4.4 or later
  • AppStore iOS 9.0 or later

*SIM card is necessary in the mobile phone.
*Please activate WiFi and Bluetooth.

How to use "fipick"

  1. Install ''fipick'' and tap ''Free Material Download'' of FUJITSU app.
  2. Available information list are shown.
    Tap the content you need.
  3. The content is downloaded in your smart phone.

*PDF viewer, movie player, picture viewer and web browser are necessary depending on the downloaded data.

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