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FeaturedEver Evolving Artificial Intelligence

Featured: Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence

Human-centric AI systems designed for coexisting and collaborating with humans

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in a wide range of fields, including personal robots with “emotions” and self-driving cars. This feature—consisting of a series of six articles—will explore the background of the recent AI boom, four core technologies supporting Fujitsu’s Human Centric AI Zinrai, and case studies of advanced use of artificial intelligence in business and society.

Series of Articles

Articles related to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A Future where AI and Robots Coexist in Harmony with Humans
Continually Advancing AI Thinking of the future potential achievable by people and AI
[Article 6] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--Focus on the Front Lines of Applying AI to Business
[Article 5] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--AI that Solves Social Issues from a Mathematical Approach
[Article 4] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--AI Supporting Human Decision-Making
[Article 3] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--AI Interpreting Human Emotions from Their Behavior
Technology that Identifies at a Glance the Place Being Explained within Presentation Materials
Technology for Aligning Multiple CT Images in One Second--Supporting Doctors to Detect Changes in Diseases
Technology for Early Detection of Stagger and Irregularities of Smart House Residents Using Sensors
Technology for Recognizing the Flow of People from Surveillance Camera Video with Concern for Privacy
Time-series Deep Learning: New AI Technology that Supports Safe Human Lives
Data Curation Services: Big Data Analysis Technology that "Understands" the Five Senses
Can a Robot Get into the University of Tokyo? AI Project "Todai Robot" Drastically Improved Math Score Deviation Values
Collaborative Zinrai AI system functions as consumer support and business tool
Eliminating Anxious Waiting in Airport Queues: Using Psychology Principles with Numerical Modeling
Is AI Smarter than a Human? Fujitsu Develops Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Technology with 96.7% Accuracy

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