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FeaturedAdvancing the Practical Application of AI

Featured: Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence

AI Everywhere: From Boom to Actual Application

The third AI boom is now in progress; all sorts of companies and organizations have quickly started to use AI. This feature article presents an array of fields in diverse industries and sectors where AI is being used more actively, offering you advice for success.

Articles related to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Fujitsu and RIKEN Jointly Open the "RIKEN AIP-FUJITSU Collaboration Center" for Developing Human-Centric AI
Changing the World of Sports from Japan's Gymnastics--Scoring Support System Using 3D Sensing Technology
Retailtech Japan 2017: Report from Fujitsu's Booth
Changing the World of Sports from Japan's Gymnastics--Scoring Support System Using 3D Sensing Technology
Accelerating Digital Transformation with AI and IoT, and a New Role for IT Departments
In Pursuit of AI with Human-like Applied Skills Utilizing Neuroscience Insights
Promoting Digitalization to Support Further Social Development in Hong Kong
"Human Centric" IT Innovation - the Asian Conference in Jakarta
Achieving the World's Fastest Training Speed! The Latest Deep Learning Technologies to Create a High-Accuracy AI
Contributing to Taiwan's Digital Nation Plan using the latest ICT solutions
Fujitsu Develops Technology Using Open Data and AI to Support Decision Making by Regulatory Authorities
Image Recognition and Supply-Demand Forecasting - Speedily Transforming AI Technologies into Businesses
Digital Marketing Must Be Consumer Friendly
Fujitsu's New Deep Learning Technology for Graph Data Enables Advanced Data Analysis with Highly Accurate Learning
Fintech Consortium: FIFJ Fall Meeting 2016 Report - An AI-based Chatbot Service and More
Step out of tradition. Bring reform in Thailand business with Fujitsu's digital technology
Using AI to Save the Lives of Psychiatric Patients! Fujitsu Halves the Time Required to Diagnose Patients in Joint Field Trial with San Carlos Hospital
Find What They Really Think! Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology to Quantify Customer Satisfaction
Contributing to Digital Transformation to Promote Use of Big Data in Singapore
Supporting Relocation to Itoshima City, Fukuoka's Most Desirable City to Relocate to, with AI Matching
Digital Transformation for Malaysian Public Services--Empowering People with Technology
Real-time City Monitoring with AI and Image Recognition Technology
To Create a Livable Urban Environment - Anticipation for Fujitsu's Contributions Using AI and Security
The Future Realized by AI--Fujitsu Booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2016

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