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Development of Korea's First Uniform Management Platform of Biometric Information for Financial Institutions--Accelerating Fintech Technology through Implementation of Secure and User-friendly Financial Services
LiveTalk, an AI-enabled Communication Tool, Translates 19 Languages on the Spot!
Empty-handed Shopping with Palm Vein Authentication Safe and Convenient Payment Solution Driving the Korean Financial Industry
Fujitsu World Tour 2017 Paris-Event Report
Innovation Tips from SXSW- Participants on How to Create an Ecosystem
Creating a Winning Formula to Succeed in the Asian Market
Unique Strategies for Success in Asia--Examples from FamilyMart and Ajinomoto
Fujitsu booth report for Money 20/20 Europe, the world biggest Fintech event.
Co-creating Future Business Ideas at Workshops with Hands-on Experience of the Latest IoT Solutions
Aiming to Develop Communities Where People with Dementia Can Live with Peace of Mind
Sophistication of Digital Marketing with Google Analytics and Private DMP
Toward Realizing a Safe, Secure Autonomous Driving Society
Box Changes Your Work Style, Saving You 132 Hours/Year of Invisible Man-Hours and Costs
The Importance of User Behavior Analytics in Security by Design
Increased Attention on AI, IoT, and Work Style Innovation - Inside the Co-creation Workshop for Finding Clues to Achieve Them
Accelerating Work Style Innovation by Visualizing Work Style Habits with Space IoT

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