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LiveTalk, an AI-enabled Communication Tool, Translates 19 Languages on the Spot!
Workstyle Innovation Tips from a TechShop Digital Monozukuri Workshop
Box Changes Your Work Style, Saving You 132 Hours/Year of Invisible Man-Hours and Costs
Increased Attention on AI, IoT, and Work Style Innovation - Inside the Co-creation Workshop for Finding Clues to Achieve Them
Accelerating Work Style Innovation by Visualizing Work Style Habits with Space IoT
Business Model Transformation Brought about by Companies' Digitalization All Changes Come from Customers
Fujitsu's Workstyle Transformation through ICT
Introducing a De Facto Standard Information Platform for Transformation and Co-creation to Become a Company that Operates with Speed as the Business Environment Continues to Change Rapidly
Smooth Use Achieved through Fujitsu's Support and Wealth of Implementation Successes
Accelerating information sharing and use to realize three working styles, with further global expansion in sight
Work Style Innovation to Meet the Needs of the Times
Nippon Yusen Kabushiki kaisha (NYK Line) Taking on the Challenge of Work Style Innovation for Over 30,000 Employees at 230 Business Sites
Fujitsu Forum 2016 Osaka Report
Work Style Innovation for 160,000 Fujitsu Employees Worldwide
Fujitsu Work Style Seminar on How Telecommuting Can Change Our Working Futures
Mobile Initiative Lab--Workshopping Together with Clients Concepts around Current and Future Modes of Work

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