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Fujitsu and RIKEN Jointly Open the "RIKEN AIP-FUJITSU Collaboration Center" for Developing Human-Centric AI
Japan's Supercomputer 'K Computer' Placed First in the HPCG International Ranking
Introduction of the Post-K Processor Instruction Set Architecture
The K Computer Takes First Place in the Graph500 Global Ranking for the Third Consecutive Time, Demonstrating Its Strength in Big Data Analysis
How Fujitsu Can Improve the Operational Stability of the K Computer
Using Supercomputers to Provide Faster Access to Big Data Analyses
Japan's Pride, the K Computer, Regains Top Spot in Graph500 Ranking
Achieving Disaster-Recovery Scheduling in Real Time with a Supercomputer
Supercomputers Predict Tsunami in 10 Minutes Following Earthquake!
Supercomputers Changing Cancer Treatment - IT-based Drug Discovery Creating New Possibilities for Future Medical Treatment
Reconstructing the Heart Using a Supercomputer for Virtual Surgery! Improving the Success Rate of Difficult Surgery
Supercomputers' Computational Capabilities to Save the World from Water Shortages!
Cloud-based Supercomputer Leads to Evolution in Drug Discovery
Computing Power to Pioneer New Knowledge
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