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LiveTalk, an AI-enabled Communication Tool, Translates 19 Languages on the Spot!
Co-creating Future Business Ideas at Workshops with Hands-on Experience of the Latest IoT Solutions
Toward Realizing a Safe, Secure Autonomous Driving Society
Increased Attention on AI, IoT, and Work Style Innovation - Inside the Co-creation Workshop for Finding Clues to Achieve Them
Accelerating Work Style Innovation by Visualizing Work Style Habits with Space IoT
Experience the Future VR Services Envisioned by Mizuho FG and Fujitsu
Yamaha and Fujitsu to Co-create IoT Businesses with a Design Approach
How to Build an ICT Infrastructure Platform in the Age of AI, IoT, and Hybrid IT
Monitoring Worker Status with IoT to Ensure Worksite Safety
89% of World Business Leaders Undertaking Digital Transformation Initiatives Leveraging AI and IoT
What Will the Future Society be Like? What Is the "Game Change" Companies Are Creating?
Retailtech Japan 2017: Report from Fujitsu's Booth
Understanding Users' Feelings Is the Key to Creating Innovations
Preventing Serious Accidents in One-Person Operations at Dangerous Worksites and in Extreme Conditions
Reducing the Ever-Increasing Processing Load of Administrative Security Measures to Protect Personal Information, Including My Number
Pursuing the Ultimate in Entertainment with Sports and the Internet of Things

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