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Development of Korea's First Uniform Management Platform of Biometric Information for Financial Institutions--Accelerating Fintech Technology through Implementation of Secure and User-friendly Financial Services
Fujitsu booth report for Money 20/20 Europe, the world biggest Fintech event.
Experience the Future VR Services Envisioned by Mizuho FG and Fujitsu
Fujitsu participates in one of the biggest Fintech exhibitions in Europe (Money 20/20)
Top Players Discuss the Essence of Blockchain Innovation
What Will the Future Society be Like? What Is the "Game Change" Companies Are Creating?
AI Chatbots Innovate Customer Service for Financial Products and Services
Retailtech Japan 2017: Report from Fujitsu's Booth
Peace of Mind for Overseas Students! Pay University Fees and Donations with Ease by Credit Card Online
How are Blockchain Technology --A Fintech Breakthrough-- and Security Technology Making Transactions Safe?
Fintech Consortium: FIFJ Fall Meeting 2016 Report - An AI-based Chatbot Service and More
From Paper to Digital - Fujitsu Introduces an Electronic Contract System for Loans - A Case Study of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Thanks for coming Fujitsu Booth in the World Biggest Fintech Event, Money20/20!
Integrating Finance with Technology - What Is Fintech, Which Continues to Grow Rapidly?
Fujitsu participates in one of the biggest Fintech exhibitions (Money20/20)
Rapidly Accelerating Fintech and Future Financial Services

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