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Skills for Surviving the Age of AI: Learning from the US's Latest Learning Styles
FUJITSU Opens Digital Business College to Develop Human Resources Capable of AI and Design Thinking in the Digital Era
Peace of Mind for Overseas Students! Pay University Fees and Donations with Ease by Credit Card Online
Fujitsu Forum 2016 Osaka Report
Fujitsu Forum 2016 Nagoya Report
Robot programming classes in Chiba introduce elementary school students to ICT
Providing Students at Supported Schools with More Opportunities to Learn Together
Can a Robot Get into the University of Tokyo? AI Project "Todai Robot" Drastically Improved Math Score Deviation Values
Fujitsu Works with Kyoto University to Help Lift Japanese Universities to World-class Status
Edu & Toy: an "Ideathon"
A Hyperconnected World Driving Human Centric Innovation
Fujitsu Forum 2015 Keynote: Human Centric Innovation in Action
How Will the Power of ICT Transform Business and Society?
Advanced Communication - Transform Speech into Text in Real Time!
ICT Enables New Collaborative Approach to Learning - College Students Teach Each Other
Student Tablets Revolutionizing the way we Teach and Study!

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