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Attaining Sustainability by Digital Transformation
Fujitsu Group Holds an Ideathon with an International Team to Grow Rich Forests with Technology
What Is the "Extreme Energy Conservation" Aimed at by Data Centers that Consume Large Amounts of Energy?
Putting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into Practice - "Knowing the SDGs" Fujitsu In-house Seminar Report
Totally Submerging a Server in Liquid Reduces Power Consumption up to 30%―Data Center Innovation by a Novel Cooling Technology
Conserving Biodiversity--A New Technology to Predict Deer Populations without Visiting the Site
Developing Smart Houses with HEMS Using Electricity to Suit People's Lifestyles
Eco-Products 2015: Report from Fujitsu's Booth
Fujitsu App Uses GPS to Generate Overflow Alerts for Local Rivers during Major Rainfall Events
Fujitsu and Nippon Koei Partner to Develop IoT Energy-efficiency Service for In-house Server Rooms
How Twitter Can Improve Emergency Relief Efforts in Disaster Zones
Precise Analysis of Power Consumption during Software Execution
Achieving Disaster-Recovery Scheduling in Real Time with a Supercomputer
Analyzing Disaster Big Data to Support Disaster Prevention with Timely and Accurate Forecasts
Detect Sewer Overflow from Torrential Rain Using Manhole Sensors
Supercomputers Predict Tsunami in 10 Minutes Following Earthquake!

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