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Monitoring Worker Status with IoT to Ensure Worksite Safety
Disaster Prevention Using Manholes on the Streets?! Preventing Flood Damage from Torrential Rains
Solutions for Supporting Disaster Countermeasures Developed Based on Voices from Disaster-Stricken Areas
Protecting Residents from Serious Flood Damage in Indonesia--River Water-Level Measurement System Using Smartphones and AR Technology
Fujitsu App Uses GPS to Generate Overflow Alerts for Local Rivers during Major Rainfall Events
How Twitter Can Improve Emergency Relief Efforts in Disaster Zones
Achieving Disaster-Recovery Scheduling in Real Time with a Supercomputer
Analyzing Disaster Big Data to Support Disaster Prevention with Timely and Accurate Forecasts
Detect Sewer Overflow from Torrential Rain Using Manhole Sensors
Supercomputers Predict Tsunami in 10 Minutes Following Earthquake!
Medical Network for an Advanced Response to Large-scale Disasters
Save Forests from Extinction! Monitor and Quickly Detect Forest Fires
Typhoons, Tornadoes, and Isolated Heavy Rain: Quickly and Reliably Deliver Disaster Information
Accurately Simulate Tsunami Movements to Predict Damage from Multiple Disasters
Computing Power to Pioneer New Knowledge
Know the Future to Prepare Today



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