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Accelerating Digital Transformation with AI and IoT, and a New Role for IT Departments
Pursuing the Ultimate in Entertainment with Sports and the Internet of Things
Moore's Law Reaches Its Limit! Developing a New Architecture to Solve the Combinatorial optimization problem
In Pursuit of AI with Human-like Applied Skills Utilizing Neuroscience Insights
The Personal Information Protection Act Amended for the First Time in 12 Years to Promote the Use of Big Data through De-Identification of Personal Information
Achieving the World's Fastest Training Speed! The Latest Deep Learning Technologies to Create a High-Accuracy AI
Japan's Supercomputer 'K Computer' Placed First in the HPCG International Ranking
What Is the "Extreme Energy Conservation" Aimed at by Data Centers that Consume Large Amounts of Energy?
The Chinese Version of Industry 4.0 Using IoT and Big Data - A Case Study of INESA
Do You Really Know What Digital Marketing Is?
Solving Urban Problems Using AI: Report from the Field Test Site in Singapore
Fujitsu Attends Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco
Fujitsu Forum 2016 Osaka Report
Scoring Gymnastics Competitions More Accurately with 3D Sensing Technology--What Is the Future of Judging?
Introduction of the Post-K Processor Instruction Set Architecture
A Baseball League's Challenge A Report from the Field of Fast-paced Sports Digital Strategic Marketing

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