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Preventing Serious Accidents in One-Person Operations at Dangerous Worksites and in Extreme Conditions
Fujitsu Delivers a Mobile Solution Using Smartphones to Reduce Patients' Stress from Waiting in Hospitals
Reducing the Ever-Increasing Processing Load of Administrative Security Measures to Protect Personal Information, Including My Number
Pursuing the Ultimate in Entertainment with Sports and the Internet of Things
Peace of Mind for Overseas Students! Pay University Fees and Donations with Ease by Credit Card Online
Moore's Law Reaches Its Limit! Developing a New Architecture to Solve the Combinatorial optimization problem
How are Blockchain Technology --A Fintech Breakthrough-- and Security Technology Making Transactions Safe?
Fujitsu Develops World's First Slide-Style Palm Vein Authentication Technology Available on Mobile Devices
In Pursuit of AI with Human-like Applied Skills Utilizing Neuroscience Insights
Promoting Digitalization to Support Further Social Development in Hong Kong
Fujitsu and DOCOMO in Field Trial to Make Comfortable High-Capacity 5G Communication Available from Everywhere
The Personal Information Protection Act Amended for the First Time in 12 Years to Promote the Use of Big Data through De-Identification of Personal Information
"Human Centric" IT Innovation - the Asian Conference in Jakarta
IoT Helps the Elderly Live a Safe and Worry-free Life While Respecting Their Privacy
Achieving the World's Fastest Training Speed! The Latest Deep Learning Technologies to Create a High-Accuracy AI
New Artificial Photosynthesis Technology That Increases Oxygen-Producing Efficiency by More Than 100-fold

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