What Are the Benefits of Using Open Data for Business Activities? Fujitsu to Provide an Analysis Web App for Free

Open Data 2.0 Promoted the Active Use of Open Data in the Private Sector

Linked Open Data (LOD) (*) is now garnering attention globally as the third wave of big data. Currently, more than 900 dedicated websites have already been established in 30 countries around the world. In the United States, approximately 200,000 kinds of data have been released under the Open Government Initiative.

In Japan as well, the government announced Open Data 2.0 in May 2016 to promote data distribution with the public and private sectors. Subsequently, cooperation and the publication of statistical data of each ministry and agency including corporate activity information have been advanced. The rapidly progressing development of LOD data has promoted active data utilization in the private sector, and companies now desire to use this information for their business and marketing activities.

*: Linked Open Data (LOD) is mutually linked open data networks, which are available to the public for secondary use, where various information is disclosed in a data format easily processed by computers.

What Are the Benefits of Using Open Data for Business Activities?

What benefits can companies expect from using open data?
For example, if companies can quickly obtain useful information for their business activities, such as companies' ranking in the government procurement in the sales area or the relationship between regional economic conditions and a specific company, they can stay one step ahead of competitors in business activities.

Providing a Free Web App That Enables a Wide Variety of Analyses by Linking Open Information

To promote the use of LOD data, Fujitsu Laboratories launched a free LOD search and access service called LOD4ALL in 2013. Fujitsu Laboratories also developed and released the Corporate Information Analysis Web App free of charge to support companies' business activities using open data. This is a service based on LOD4ALL, which visualizes corporate activity data and regional economic conditions by linking corporate numbers released by the National Tax Agency with open information in the LOD format on companies dispersed at various websites.

As well as this app displaying information dispersed at multiple sites following LOD data links, it has a multiple-viewpoint display function that can switch display information for the same survey target to analyze from multiple perspectives according to the purpose of use. For example, it is possible to easily monitor a company's regional activities by linking open data with the corporate number using this web app. (**)

Figure 1 Corporate Information Screen

Figure 2 Regional Information Screen

Going forward, Fujitsu will further strengthen corporate data both in quantity and quality to contribute to quick and convenient data use for corporate business activities, marketing and surveys. In addition, as part of the FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 Zinrai Platform Service, Fujitsu plans to commercialize a data analysis and display service by linking open data with customer information and individual transaction data held by our customers within 2017.

**: To use the web app, check the Terms of Use and Disclaimer by clicking on the link below.
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