Fujitsu World Tour 2017 with Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2017 - Event Report

Fujitsu World Tour 2017 is an opportunity for Fujitsu to showcase leading digital co-creation projects undertaken together with clients and business partners. The tour, which spans 22 countries in total, launched on March 9 at Santa Clara in conjunction with the Fujitsu North America Technology Forum, and showcased the latest developments from Fujitsu Laboratories. Some 700 participants learned about innovative new Fujitsu solutions and technologies through a combination of conference sessions and exhibits.

About the Fujitsu World Tour

Fujitsu World Tour 2017, the tenth iteration of the world tour, will visit 25 locations in 22 different countries. This year's theme is "Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-creation," providing visitors with opportunities to witness first-hand how Fujitsu is driving digital transformation in conjunction with clients, suppliers and partners.

This year, the World Tour has been extended to Asia for the first time, and we are expecting a record total global attendance of around 14,000.

The March 9 stop on the Fujitsu World Tour, held at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, showcased the many ways in which Fujitsu's Human Centric Innovation can help drive growth for our clients while at the same time building a better world for all. This was a joint event held in conjunction with Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2017, the tenth such event hosted by Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. Visitors were treated to exhibits of innovative Fujitsu solutions and cutting-edge technology from Fujitsu Laboratories as well as stimulating presentations by "thought leaders" from Silicon Valley.

Human Centric Innovation Driving Digital Transformation in the Business Sector

Alex Attal
Executive vice president and head of Digital and Business Application Services, Fujitsu America, Inc.

In a recent survey conducted by Fujitsu, 98% of C level managers reported that the tide of digital technology is already having a major impact on how they do business. In his keynote address, Alex Attal from Fujitsu America Inc. stressed the vital role of co-creation in the digital era, particularly in terms of driving innovation and creating new value propositions at a time of massive transformation.

Attal also described how Fujitsu's Human Centric Innovation supports digital transformation by corporate clients in the context of a rapidly digitizing world, and urged attendees to use the event as an opportunity to discover how Fujitsu is driving co-creation with clients.

Shigeru Sasaki
CEO, Fujitsu Laboratories

Next to take the podium was Fujitsu Laboratories CEO Shigeru Sasaki, who provided real-life examples of key initiatives in the area of digital co-creation. These included the use of AI (artificial intelligence) for proof-of-concept testing of urban solutions in conjunction with the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Singapore Management University (SMU), as well as technology for identifying unknown cyber threats more quickly.

Cutting-edge Technology Demonstration Area

The demonstration area gave visitors the chance to experience first-hand a selection of Fujitsu cutting-edge solutions for enterprise digital transformation along with exciting new innovations from Fujitsu Laboratories. The AI demonstration in particular proved very popular.

RoboPin mediator robot

The familiar RoboPin mediator robot was also featured at the event. RoboPin is capable of reading emotional cues in human speech and employing a variety of emotional expressions and vocal patterns using the Human Centric AI technology known as Zinrai. Visitors clearly enjoyed engaging in conversation with RoboPin.

Factory optimization with IoT

Intelligent Dashboard is a factory monitoring system that analyzes data from sensors deployed throughout the facility and produces an intuitive display for overall optimization of the production process. Visitors to Fujitsu World Tour 2017 witnessed a demonstration of the dashboard display featuring an AI-driven interactive communication system called Anna. Anna can be used to interrogate process statuses in real time and, in the event of a fault or failure, to develop a response strategy based on a rapid and comprehensive study of historical data.

Emotional AI

The Emotional AI analyzes emotions from the way a person uses the touch screen on a mobile device, and then selects the optimum response. The Emotional AI could be used by an online shopping website, for example, to determine whether a person browsing the website is interested in a product or having difficulty navigating the website. It could then initiate the action most likely to lead to a purchase, such as alerting an operator or launching a chatbot.

The first stop on the Fujitsu World Tour 2017 was a resounding success. In addition to the conference and exhibition, there were other offerings such as Expert Talk, a one-on-one discussion with experts on key issues around IoT and digital transformation, as well as breakout sessions featuring opinion leaders including representatives from Fujitsu and its partner companies in a range of industries.

Fujitsu World Tour now goes to Sweden (April 4), Poland (April 17) and Finland (April 26), before moving on to a range of other destinations, mainly in Europe and the United States. We hope you get the chance to experience digital co-creation together with Fujitsu and our partners.