Real-time City Monitoring with AI and Image Recognition Technology

AI Watches Over Entire Cities by Understanding Urban Conditions in Real Time

Though cars are indispensable in our daily lives, busy roads suffer from various traffic problems, such as accidents and traffic jams. Quickly solving or preventing such problems would enable us to lead more comfortable lives. With the rapid rise in urban populations and the increasing complexity of economic activities, protecting people from crime, natural disasters, and accidents as well as creating urban environments where people can live with peace of mind are becoming urgent social issues.

To address these issues, use of surveillance cameras in cities has been increasing year by year, and our common impression is that security awareness has increased and IT technologies have become familiar. However, to grasp conditions over a wide area such as an entire city, several thousand cameras may be required, and there is a limit as to what can be ascertained merely by human visual observation. To address this challenge, Fujitsu's Smart Monitoring System enables AI technology to watch over entire cities with image recognition.

Learning Image Recognition with AI Technology

On October 3, 2016, Fujitsu announced the start of sales of Citywide Surveillance *, which uses its advanced AI technology Zinrai, and Parking Analysis **.

In this service, an image recognition model is built by AI-based deep learning from large volumes of image data, and based on this model, the characteristics of vehicles and people are automatically extracted and recognized.

"Citywide Surveillance" for city monitoring

Identification of vehicles, people's bodies, and faces

Citywide Surveillance performs real-time, high-precision processing of surveillance camera images, including identification of the makes, types, and license plate numbers of vehicles and types of clothing people wear, based on a recognition model built by the AI technology Zinrai in combination with distributed, high-speed image processing technology that Fujitsu has refined using supercomputers. This advanced video analysis solution brings AI together with HPC technologies ***; it can be used widely in facilities such as airports, train stations, major roads, industrial parks, shopping malls, and parking garages as well as urban areas and other public spaces in order to grasp the overall movements of vehicles and people to prevent crime.

This solution empowers users to grasp the movements of vehicles and people, detect faces that have been pre-registered, and flexibly add customized recognition targets by building a recognition model using AI technology.

"Parking Analysis" for parking lot monitoring

Usage examples for an outdoor parking lot

Parking Analysis, a specialty tool for parking lot monitoring, identifies and analyzes the status of up to 100 parking spaces per surveillance camera in real time, thereby improving the management efficiency of parking lots and garages. This solution also supports time trend analysis, which can be used for various objectives, such as enhancing security by monitoring no-parking zones or cars that have been parked for extended periods of time, and smarter marketing, such as optimizing earnings by setting parking rates in accordance with the number of open parking spaces.

By combining this solution with Citywide Surveillance, even more sophisticated parking management can be achieved, such as managing more detailed vehicle data, including car types and license plate numbers, or monitoring vehicle break-ins.

* : FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance

** : FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Parking Analysis

*** : High Performance Computing

Smart Monitoring Using Supercomputers Makes Our Lives More Comfortable

Combining the latest AI-based image recognition technology with high-speed image processing technology cultivated with supercomputer technology makes it possible to capture images from surveillance cameras located over a wide area that cannot be grasped by human visual observation. This technology enables assessment of the movements of people and vehicles throughout a city, thereby helping to prevent crime and optimize urban lifestyles. By watching over entire cities, Fujitsu seeks to create a human-centric intelligent society, where people can live in greater prosperity and security.