Fujitsu and Oracle Team Up on a Strategic Alliance to Drive Cloud Computing

A Strong Partnership Lasting Three Decades

Fujitsu and Oracle have collaborated for more than 30 years. The two companies have worked together in the server business since the time of Sun Microsystems and have cooperated in database development starting with mainframe databases. Since entering into an OEM contract in 1989, together they have been providing customers with the optimal solutions.

Thus, the long history of close collaboration in hardware development between Fujitsu and Oracle dates back to the days of Sun Microsystems. The two companies have also collaborated in the field of software development, including Solaris and Database. Fujitsu has also provided system integration services for many customers as an Oracle partner. At present, Fujitsu is recognized as an Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Diamond level partner.

* The photo above shows Masami Yamamoto, President of Fujitsu Ltd. (third from the left) and Hiroshige Sugihara, CEO and President of Oracle Corporation Japan (fourth from the left)

Safely and Securely Migrating Oracle DB, which Boasts of an Overwhelming Market Share in Japan, to the Cloud

Fujitsu and Oracle announced that they have agreed to form a new strategic alliance to deliver enterprise-grade, world-class cloud services to customers in Japan and their subsidiaries around the world. For both companies, this is a challenge in a new field, and the fact that they are creating a new ecosystem together in the field of cloud computing is extremely significant.

Facing ever-increasing needs to migrate customers' existing systems to the cloud, Fujitsu and Oracle will, under this new strategic alliance, provide a secure cloud migration service for Oracle databases, which hold an overwhelming share in Japan's database market, to meet customers' cloud needs.

Specifically, this alliance provides the following three services:

1. Installing Oracle Cloud services in Fujitsu datacenters in Japan
Installing Oracle Cloud services in Fujitsu datacenters in Japan allows customers to safely and securely use Oracle databases in a cloud environment without having to store data overseas.

2. Offering Oracle Cloud DB Service as an option for FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 ("K5")
Fujitsu offers Oracle Cloud services as an option for its K5 to provide editions required for mission critical systems*. This makes Oracle RAC**, which is required for mission critical systems, available in cloud environments. Also, by combining K5 with Oracle Cloud, Fujitsu will provide hybrid, one-stop support and portal access solutions.

3. Implementing Oracle HCM Cloud throughout the Fujitsu Group as well as providing it to Fujitsu customers
Fujitsu will implement Oracle HCM*** Cloud for its human resource system, starting from the talent management**** area and then extending it to other areas. Fujitsu decided to adopt Oracle HCM Cloud because it has a proven track record in being used by 6,000 companies globally and because it enables secure data storage and management at Fujitsu datacenters in Japan. Based on the experience and know-how obtained from internal use within the Fujitsu Group, Fujitsu will proceed to provide services to its customers as well.

*: Systems that support core operations required to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or computers systems that are needed to perform such core operations.
**: Real Application Clusters
***: Human Capital Management (human resource management)
****: A concept or initiative to use, cultivate, and develop human resources in accordance with management strategies

Making New ICT Investments by Reducing TCO 35%

This strategic alliance ensures the robust migration of customers' existing systems to the cloud, reduces SoR***** operating costs, and expands ICT investments to promote SoE******. Oracle expects a 35% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO). Customers' important data can now be stored at Fujitsu datacenters in Japan, and with the one-stop support provided by Fujitsu, customers can safely and securely access their mission critical systems even after migrating them to a cloud environment.

Currently, Fujitsu is proceeding with installation of Oracle Cloud services at its datacenters with the aim of starting service provision in the fourth quarter of 2016. Fujitsu will incorporate Oracle Cloud into its Digital Business Platform MetaArc to propose and roll out new value-added services for domestic customers using Oracle's services.

*****: Systems of Record
******: Systems of Engagement