Leveraging Business Opportunities in the Era of Rapid Digital Evolution

Technology, including social media, mobile apps, IoT, big data and cloud computing, is evolving at an unprecedented rate. The fast-expanding IoT in particular is poised to exert a major impact on business methods and its speed. With the industry environment changing so rapidly, the key question for many companies is how to harness digital technology in order to embrace change and drive growth
We describe here how digital technology is changing business and showcases leading examples of digital innovation.

64% of Managers Are Keen to Use Digital Technology to Connect with Customers

The tools that we use to manipulate digital technology have steadily evolved from desktop computers to smartphones and tablet devices, and more recently to wearables, smart appliances and connected cars. We now have access to digital data describing our actions, our status and even our perceptions. The Internet can be used to integrate this and other data in what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), which opens the door to new ways of doing business. It is estimated that by the time of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, more than 50 billion sensors and devices will be connected together over the IoT.

Source: Embracing the Internet of Everything To Capture Your Share of $14.4 Trillion, CISCO 2013

Businesses are keen to use this technology to drive growth. According to a study by Accenture, nearly two-thirds of managers (64%) are interested in using smart devices and wearable technologies to establish new ways to reach customers to augment existing connections. Companies are clamoring to get ahead in the race to embrace digital technology

Source: Technology Vision 2015, Accenture 2013

Digital Technology: An Unprecedented Opportunity

Digital technology offers business three key benefits.

Firstly, digital technology facilitates faster and more efficient working. Technology can be used to reduce design, production and delivery lead times, and to allow more responsive and flexible decision-making and optimization based on real-time monitoring of the entire upstream and downstream process chain. Such efficiencies enable companies to embrace change and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Digital technology also helps businesses to more flexibly adapt to change. Airline companies, for instance, can monitor purchasing behavior in real time and adjust ticket prices accordingly. Manufacturers can monitor demand levels in real time and adjust production schedules accordingly in order to minimize waste.

Finally, digital technology can be used to create new forms of knowledge and intelligence to benefit humankind. Representative examples are self-teaching computers, drones (unmanned aircraft) and robots. As we increasingly work alongside and collaborate with digital technology, new ways of doing business will emerge and new forms of value will be created.

Digital technology can bring together businesses, projects and individuals under the umbrella of the digital ecosystem, a vast global network on a hitherto unprecedented scale. Forward-thinking businesses are already looking to utilize the digital ecosystem as a platform for collaborating with like-minded companies and exploring new business opportunities on a larger stage than ever before.

How Digital Cloud Services Are Revolutionizing Industry

Cloud-based platforms represent a vital part of the digital technology infrastructure for integrating people with data and devices, as well as for promoting collaboration. The cloud has immense value as a rapid and efficient means of creating connections on a grand scale.

Fujitsu is working with clients and business partners in a broad range of industries in the use of cloud-based business platforms for collaborative enterprises to promote digital innovation in industry.

A Digital Platform to Drive Business Growth

A key factor in achieving growth is the ability to integrate new data and knowledge from the creation of business ideas with existing data on backbone systems, in order to generate fast and effective results. This requires seamless integration of SoE (systems for linking talent with technology to create new ideas) and SoR (existing backbone systems).

Integration of SoE and SoR can have major benefits for industry. For example, data on customer purchasing patterns can be generated by sensors inside a retail outlet and gleaned from social media (SoE) to be incorporated into production management systems (SoR) in real time to boost overall production efficiency. Similarly, IoT devices can be used to track parts in a production setup, and financial institutions can utilize a range of mobile apps.

SoE (System of Engagement): A system that brings together people and devices to drive innovation while at the same time allowing greater flexibility to accommodate growth and change in the business.
SoR (System of Record): A backbone system for recording and processing sales, production and accounting data.

The MetaArc, Digital Business Platform, Featuring Cutting-edge and Innovation-driving ICT Solutions

The MetaArc, digital business platform, promotes flexible and responsive innovation practices designed to accommodate rapid change in the modern digital business era.

MetaArc is a powerful cloud-based digital innovation tool to assist and promote the creation of new business opportunities, combining a range of cutting-edge technologies, including mobile, big data, IoT and AI.

The MetaArc platform provides both an ecosystem structure (SoE) for revolutionizing business processes and embracing new opportunities, and a framework for generating savings and efficiencies in existing data systems (SoR).

Already 640 systems used by Fujitsu Group companies worldwide have been migrated to the cloud using MetaArc. Fujitsu clients benefit from our knowledge base comprising our experience in migrating and implementing internal systems.

The digital business platform" MetaArc", is part of Fujitsu's commitment to providing a comprehensive package of support measures using the latest technology to promote innovation and boost competitiveness in industry. Fujitsu is working together with corporate clients to drive innovation and create a better future for all.

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