Japan Net Bank Chooses SPARC M10 as Its IT System Platform

Tailored Solution with a Fast Turnaround

Fujitsu has recently started work on a substantial upgrade and reworking of the Japan Net Bank IT systems platform, which features a combination of MCIF* and DWH elements. Japan Net Bank plans to have the system fully operational by April 2016.

Client departments at Japan Net Bank employ customer transaction history data stored as MCIF in ongoing monitoring and marketing programs designed to enhance service standards. Burgeoning customer numbers in recent years have led to a significant increase in data volumes, affecting system response times. Japan Net Bank wanted to improve customer service standards and response times through a major upgrade of the IT system platform that would provide additional capacity for higher volumes of transaction data and also support high-level processing performance for complex analysis processes.

* MCIF = Marketing Customer Information File, a type of marketing database.

Up to 300x Faster Search Speeds

The upgraded system consists of a SPARC M10 UNIX server equipped with high-speed software-on-a-chip and an Oracle 12c in-memory database for improved response times, together with the DX200 S3 Storage ETERNUS. This configuration delivers up to 300x faster searches on depositor transaction records, as well as more responsive processing of data-rich tasks such as in-depth marketing analysis, sales tracking, and ongoing monitoring of unauthorized and suspicious transactions.

Fujitsu is committed to the design and delivery of optimized ICT solutions providing the highest standards of system performance based on our extensive expertise and experience in supplying ICT installations to the finance industry.