New Iris Authentication Security Technology - Unlock Your Phone With Just a Look!

Instantly unlock your smartphone by simply looking at the screen

With the diffusion of smartphones and tablets, the importance of security has increased for loss or theft. Using a PIN, password, or, more recently, fingerprint authentication, most people set up the smartphone screen lock function to prevent third parties from using their phone.
More and more smartphones and tablets are becoming essential to many people’s lifestyles, and accordingly, require a higher level of security.

Under such circumstances, biometric authentication methods are attracting greater attention, these are personal authentication technologies that use a person’s physical features (biological organs) or behavioral features (habits). Biometric authentication methods include fingerprint authentication, palm vein authentication, voice authentication, handwriting authentication and more. Iris authentication is one form of biometric authentication.

After the age of two, iris patterns remain stable and can be used for personal identification

What kind of technology is iris authentication specifically? In the black part of a human eye, there is a ring around the pupil called the iris. The iris includes muscles that dilate and constrict the pupil, and the fine texture of these muscles.

The pattern of this fine texture remains stable after around the age of two. Iris authentication confirms who that person is by using their iris pattern as “unique personal identification information.”

Iris authentication is a non-contact method where eyes are photographed by an infrared camera and the iris pattern is extracted by computer, therefore, it has the advantages of being sanitary and producing less psychological resistance upon application. This technology is also attractive as the iris does not change with age unlike the face or voice patterns, ensuring the information is easier to use to identify individuals.

Fujitsu will introduce a variety of iris authentication solutions in the future

Fujitsu announced the development of an iris authentication system built into a prototype smartphone. Just by looking at the smartphone screen, an infrared camera instantaneously scans the user’s iris, and unlocks the phone.

Most existing iris authentication systems require the distance between the infrared camera and the eye to be within approximately 10 centimeters. However, this new authentication system allows users to unlock or even log into web services, by simply looking at the smartphone screen from a normal viewing position and distance.

The system allows users to perform authentication operations while wearing glove or without entering a password, and thus dramatically enhance smartphone usability.

Fujitsu has focused on developing a number of authentication technologies, such as palm vein authentication and fingerprint authentication. By combining authentication technologies developed to date with camera controller technology, Fujitsu has realized a system that can reliably authenticate the detailed patterns of the iris, and is usable in most everyday situations.

Fujitsu is exploring the application of this iris authentication technology in a wide range of fields, beyond smartphones and tablets. Fujitsu is conducting ongoing research and development into iris authentication technology, exploring ways to broaden its scope, with the goal of commercial implementation of various solutions using iris authentication during the 2015 fiscal year.