How Does Each City in Japan Rank? Fujitsu Creates Website to Asses Regional Quality

Comparing regions can be surprisingly difficult

Can you immediately think of your city’s most attractive attributes? What makes your city more attractive than others? If you were to move to another city, where would you want to live?

When looking for a place to live, hoping to live in “a city that has a good environment for raising children” or “a city that with good medical care,” for example, many people collect information online or refer to data released by local governments.

However, even if we can get data from each local government, it is currently difficult to compare different regions based on the same indicators or examine multiple pieces of information from multiple perspectives, as data resides in different sources.

So, in an ICT industry first, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed EvaCva, a tool that helps users discover features of each region in japan, from multiple perspectives, such as environment, society, and the economy.

Simply select a city to display its rank in terms of hospitals, employment status, or other indicators

EvaCva screens

"EvaCva" is a tool that visualizes characteristics of 1,742 municipalities across Japan by creating indicators consisting of 47 data items from more than 1,200 items of published data. This includes government statistics deemed objective and fair from the perspectives of environment, society, and the economy. Simply select a municipality on the website to see its national rank and compare it to municipalities with similar populations for indicators like CO2 emissions, waste volume, hospitals, gross regional product (GRP), employment, and average life span based on statistical data. Using Linked Open Data (LOD) technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories to create data published on this website, data from various sources are combined with existing data for flexible data analysis.

Using this tool, residents in each region can check “the number of hospitals compared to the neighboring cities” or “job requirements and employment status” in the city where they currently live, or want to live in the future, on the website. Understanding the unique features of particular places, allows residents the opportunity to further enrich their lives. EvaCva helps people considering moving, or opening a store or company, to analyze and select appropriate areas that meet their requirements from multiple perspectives.

If local governments across the nation use this data, they will be able to discover challenges by recognizing features from multiple perspectives, and develop measures to solve regional challenges, leading to regional revitalization and provision of new services for citizens, and eventually regional development.

Fujitsu has created an EvaCva website for public use. The website will be open until the end of December 2015. Thereafter, Fujitsu will enhance its functions based on user opinions, with a goal of regional revitalization and innovation, together with customers. Fujitsu encourages everyone to visit the website and gain a greater understanding of the potential this solution holds.