Unified Management of Pet Health Data in the Cloud: Using ICT to Make Pets More Comfortable

More people visit animal hospitals to receive preventive care for their dogs, such as medical check-ups and vaccinations, than those who visit to have their dogs receive treatment for illness or injury. As such, Fujitsu has developed a dog pedometer to reassure pet owners concerned about the health of their pet. Using its unique motion measurement technology, the pedometer automatically measures how many steps a dog has taken as well as shivering motions, which act as a measure to determine stress levels and other health conditions. This initiative helps dogs and other pets effectively communicate their health to owners.

Attach the Wandant tag to the dog’s collar and monitor daily activity levels, stress levels, and temperature to prevent heat stroke

For dog owners, their dogs’ health is a source of great concern. According to a survey of pet owners, more people answered that they visited animal hospitals due to “vaccinations” and “health check-ups” rather than for “treatment of illness or injury.” This seems to indicate pet owners practice efficient pet health management and maintenance, arranging check-ups and preventive care on a regular basis, just as people do.

Fujitsu uses ICT to support pet owners in providing a high level of care for their pets. The Fujitsu-developed Wandant is the pet care industry's first pedometer fully designed for dogs. This small device weighs only about 16 grams and is worn on the dog’s collar. By combining a three-axis accelerometer and motion-tracking technology to count steps based on the speed of foreleg movements, Wandant has become the first automatic dog pedometer in the pet industry. In addition to the number of steps, it determines the temperature around the dog as a measure against heat stroke. Wandant also gathers and accumulates data regarding when the dog is shivering to act as a gauge for stress levels and other health conditions. When a smartphone with the FeliCa communication system is placed near the Wandant tag, the data is sent via contactless communication and uploaded to the cloud via the smartphone.

Unified management of a dogs’ health condition via the cloud; electronic medical records for pets under consideration

Dog owners can use data accumulated in the cloud for various purposes. By accessing the Wandant website, pet owners can confirm data in table or graph form to see trends in their dogs’ activities. This information is easy to understand at a glance, ensuring effective dog health management and prevention of illness.

In addition, pet owners can use the website to record additional information, such as food type and volume as well as any visible problems. This enables unified management of each pet’s health data for owners based on data from the Wandant tag and the dedicated cloud website.

The cloud service using Wandant not only supports management of a dogs activity levels and prevention of heat stroke, but can acts as an effective solution for owners who may frequently need to be away from home. In the future, Fujitsu plans to leverage Wandant to create databases that contain the electronic medical records of pets, through collaboration with animal hospitals and research institutes.